Single-use Plastic Water Bottles

Let's drop that very bad habit of consistently purchasing single-use plastic water bottles

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Over the last 20 years we have developed a profound obsession for the bottled water. Many of us are even afraid to drink (perfectly good and safe) tap water ! We need to come to our senses and realize how much environmental damage the bottled water industry is doing.

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Take a few minutes and Google the facts on the production, transportation and disposal of the billions of bottles produced each year. The numbers are astounding. Even if plastic can be recycled (if we act accordingly, which most of us don’t!) this is an awful waste of energy and resources.

Many institutions and municipalities have started to enforce regulations to considerably reduce (if not ban) the presence of bottled water. Let’s join them!

Here’s some interesting info on the water bottle:


It is said that 200 billion bottles are consumed worldwide every year, 50 billion in the US alone. We have become obsessed with the water bottle. It’s time we bring back common sense into the equation, organize ourselves to drink tap water, and use bottled water only occasionally.

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Ban launched almost 4 years ago by :
Louis Porter , San Francisco , California , United States

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Mark Robertsalmost 4 years
Helena, Montana , United States
San Francisco is banning the sale of plastic water bottles on all city property..
Nataly Paulalmost 4 years
San Francisco, California , United States
The solution : eatable bottles :
Cynthia Joan Morrisonalmost 4 years