Single-Use Plastic Utensils

I pledge not to use Single-Use Plastic Utensils anymore !

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Single-Use products are (sadly) entrenched in our habits. We need to change that. Why not start with utensils. We all carry watches, phones, makeup, etc. Why not carry our own utensils. The market is full of very nice pocket-size cutlery kits. Let's wash, not trash !

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Ban launched almost 4 years ago by :
Mark Roberts , Helena , Montana , United States

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Gregory John Olsen Esqalmost 4 years
I can't stand plastic even though I feel constantly at it's mercy. Here's one way I can make a stand. What about you?
Peter Myersalmost 4 years
I have been (almost there) with regard to not using plastic utensils and this site is great for getting me to commit to ALL THE WAY THERE:-)